Pediatric Dentistry


Baby teeth are important for chewing, biting, speech and appearance, as well as holding space for permanent teeth; therefore, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet, daily hygiene and twice a year dental cleanings/exams.

 Healthy diet includes balance with limitation of sugary foods, such as candy (especially sticky, gummy types), sodas, fruit juices or other liquids containing sugar. Actually, even milk contains natural sugars, so remember it is important to avoid putting a child to bed with a bottle and monitoring what types of foods they eat.

Daily hygiene is a valuable part of your child’s oral health care! It is extremely important to have you on our home team, assisting your child with brushing and flossing. Children like to be independent with their brushing around the age of 3 but are not able to fully control a brush until around age 9.  During these years, there are a lot of opportunities for decay if a child is not assisted.  Try to make it fun by having your child brush first and you do a follow up brushing. The most important time to help them is at night, as food and bacteria have a long period of time to stay in contact with the teeth, resulting in decay.

Twice a year cleanings and exams are an extremely important part of keeping your child healthy. Our office loves to see children and wants to provide a positive experience! We know that having a fun and engaging first visit will set your child up for success not only in the early years but throughout his/her life! The first visit to our office is usually short and allows you and your child an opportunity to meet our wonderful staff, including a visit with our hygienist and dentist. You will receive valuable information, as well as have time to ask questions.  We will encourage your child to sit in the dental chair for a ride and will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums.  We want it to be a great experience and never will force a child or hold a child down. Many children are shy or nervous at first but with a positive first visit become great lifelong patients!