Full Dentures

We know that tooth loss can lead to complications and potential health issues. Unfortunately, missing teeth of any sort can compromise self-esteem, hamper bite pattern, or result in a smile that isn’t ideal. Luckily, recent advances in dentures allow those who suffer from extensive tooth loss to replace their teeth and get their smile back.
Dentures are custom-made replacement teeth that closely resemble your natural teeth or may be designed to improve your original teeth position. Not only will dentures offer an esthetically pleasing smile again, but also, they will help prevent facial muscles from sagging, and will reestablish proper face height and profile. They will improve function by allowing you to have the ability to eat, chew, and talk properly. We will work closely with each patient to carefully design an appliance that is cost effective, natural in appearance, and durable for long-term use. To enjoy the lasting benefits of a more beautifully enhanced smile, our team of dentists and hygienists will provide instruction for daily maintenance and care of your denture appliance.
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