Dental Crowns

Whenever a tooth is badly damaged, cracked, broken, or misshapen, a crown is the most effective solution. Over time, decay, cracks, and fractures can cause a tooth to weaken, or discolor. A crown can be placed to address and correct these concerns.
With the newest technology, this reliable technique has enabled patients to have customized, beautiful, natural looking teeth to complete a smile and to offer optimum health. In a tooth with a root canal filling, a crown can help protect by surrounding the tooth and absorbing bite forces.
Fitting a crown requires at least two visits to our office. Initially, we will remove any decay, fractures, or underlying problem with the tooth; next we will shape the tooth and make molds. We will fit you with a temporary crown while the lab fabricates the final crown. On the subsequent visit, we will remove your temporary crown, fit and adjust the final crown to ensure proper function, comfort and appearance.