There are all sorts of accidents and mishaps that require the gentle touch of a friendly dentist for a Single-Tooth Implant. Perhaps a tooth is dislodged due to a very competitive baseball game or maybe from a recent automobile accident. There are other times in which a severe dental infection has perhaps led to tooth loss as well. Regardless of the cause, we are fortunate enough to live in an age where restorative cosmetic procedures can easily resolve these issues quickly and without pain.

What is a Single-Tooth Implant?

This is a surgical procedure that we perform here where an artificial tooth is rooted into the bone. After the area heals, a permanent crown is attached, providing a natural appearance in color and shape to match your existing teeth.

The healing process typically takes approximately 3 months to complete, but may also continue for up to five or six months, depending on the severity and location of the Single-Tooth Implant. The manufacturing of the crown itself by your dentist will only take a few days in many cases.

There are many advantages to using the implant method. The most attractive feature of this process is the end result that looks as natural and uniform as your original tooth. You can still continue your regular daily brushing and flossing methods, as this implant is a permanent attachment that requires no additional unique maintenance methods of care.

The surrounding teeth are never affected or need to be reshaped as with other types of cosmetic dentistry procedures. As with bridges and partials, sometime the need exists to file or reform the neighboring teeth to fit the new restorative device. This is not needed with Single-Tooth Implants.

You can also function as normally as you did before once the process is completed. You can eat whatever you like while being careful not to break or chip the new crown attached. Your friendly dentists will even tell you about the longevity that these new cosmetic features provide, over 98% of which will last well beyond 10 years if not for your entire lifetime.

The initial cost of Single-Tooth Implants may be a bit more costly than the alternative of a dental bridge, but these bridges are in need of constant adjustments and periodic replacements over the years. When you consider the long range durability of Single-Tooth Implants, they are a very affordable choice.