Partial-DenturePartial dentures are a great solution for people who are only missing a few select teeth. But it begs the question, if there are only a couple of teeth missing, and they’re not in the front of the mouth, is it really such a big deal to get something to fill the gaps? The answer is a resounding yes. Gaps in the teeth can lead to a lot of problems that nobody wants to go through.

The body’s natural tendency will be to shift the muscle and existing teeth to fill in the gaps. This excessive shifting can cause major headaches and neck pain. Not to mention the pain in the jaw and surrounding muscles. This pain will make your teeth extremely sensitive and bring a great deal of difficulty to chewing and swallowing, resulting in weight loss and malnutrition.

So why partial dentures? Why can’t I just replace each tooth individually? That is certainly an option. But it is more expensive and would take considerably more time to complete. It’s easy to understand why someone would be leery of getting a partial denture, considering the knowledge that conventional dentures are hard to keep on and clean.

But partial dentures are different. First of all, we will take impressions of your mouth and have a partial constructed to perfectly match your existing teeth. The partial denture will slip right over those teeth which will hold it securely in place. There is no need to creams and pastes to hold it down; your natural teeth will do the job for you. You can continue to eat like you always have, and you can continue to clean your teeth like you always have. Partial dentures are definitely an easier way to go than trying to replace your teeth one at a time.

The entire process many take from six to twelve weeks, depending on the amounts of missing teeth and their locations. The end result will be a naturally looking smile that is easy to manage with proper daily oral hygiene which our staff of experienced and knowledgeable dentist and hygienists will be happy to provide expert instructional methods and advice.

We are able to provide you with both the cosmetic dental procedures that you want and need and the routine maintenance that will keep your smile healthy and happy for many years to come.