Dentists know well that tooth loss can lead to further complications and potential health issues. This can lead to discomfort in eating of certain foods, affecting our ability to chew and digest food properly, potentially resulting in physical ailments such as acid reflux. Even a single lost tooth can cause the remaining teeth to reshape and realign improperly, further hampering our bite pattern and causing a crooked smile to develop. It can even lead to physical pain such as chronic headaches, jaw pain, or neck discomforts.

We have the expertise in different types of options available for patients who suffer from missing teeth. A partial denture, also known as an overdenture, can be formed and placed inside the oral region in cases where only a couple of missing teeth need to be replaced by your dentists. These can be easily removed daily, clasping gently along the neighboring teeth without being in view.

smile-galleryOverdentures are generally more secure that your standard type of denture. They provide more strength in chewing and eating because the standard form of total denture replacement does not allow for the mechanism to attach as firmly, so the use of creams or gels are required. The partial denture will resolve this problem, allowing you to comfortably eat any type of food that you like. Overdentures also help reduce the possibility for future bone loss, preserving your beautiful smile longer.

For these reasons, your dentist will always try to provide overdentures as a solutions instead of the traditional form. Partial dentures will preserve your smile, bite pattern and oral health for the longer term. The cost is based on the amount of missing teeth needing to be replaced and their location within the oral region, which may require more than one partial denture.

We provide many choices of materials for these oral devices, helping you to better determine the cost expense involved. We have expertise in polymer dentures, which provide the most natural appearance and higher durability that the plastic options. Many of our patients choose this method so that they can enjoy the lasting benefits of a more beautifully enhanced smile. There may be times when a combination of metals may be required, which can also be a driving factor in the overall cost.

Our dental care doctors and hygienists are always concerned with proper oral hygiene and will work with each client by providing instruction for the easy methods of denture and overdenture daily maintenance and care.