dental-x-raysAs children, we were all subjected to the discomfort of the dental x-rays. But, as adults, we don’t have to endure such things any more. Right? Wrong. Dental x-rays are a valuable tool for your dentists to use to identify potential hazardous conditions that could threaten your wonderful smile.

Here’s a basic rundown of the procedure. You will be asked to don a lead vest before the procedure begins. A small piece of cardboard will be placed in your mouth and you will bite down on it, keeping your teeth in place. After a few quick seconds, it’s over. The film is developed almost instantly and your doctor will be able to review it.

X-rays are instrumental in the detection of hairline fractures in the jaw or teeth, impounded teeth, unhealthy roots, and diminishing bone density. X-rays can also be used to detect the presence of tumors and cysts. Anything that cannot be seen by the naked eye can be viewed via x-rays and then properly diagnosed and treated.

But why the lead vest? Are x-rays dangerous? The answer is no. X-rays use an extremely small amount of radiation and the vest that they make you wear is really only a precaution. There is never any danger associated with getting a dental x-ray.

There have been some amazing advancements in technology that make x-rays even safer and easier than ever. New digital dental x-ray machines are about the size of a ball point pen and can fit easily inside of the oral cavity. These new machines use less radiation than previous machines, making it the safest form of x-rays out there. They even allow instant digital exposure of the x-rays so that your dentist can immediately view them and discuss them with you.

X-rays are the absolute best way to determine if there is any damage to your teeth or oral cavity that is unseen from the surface. Early detection of many of these problems is always best. X-rays can also be used to get out in front of potential problems and begin treating them before they can cause any real damage. We can, and will, give you the best dental x-ray experience. Their caring staff will make you as comfortable as possible while using this invaluable tool to give you the best smile possible.