happy-smiling-patientsRoutine dental cleaning is an important part of maintaining overall oral health. This simple procedure is usually done during your annual or bi-annual dental check-up and can also include dental x-rays to check for proper bone density and the presence of any other oral disease.

This relatively simple cleaning gives the dentists the opportunity to remove any plaque or tartar that has built up around the crevices in the teeth and the gum line. They will also be looking for any possibilities that gum disease or periodontal disease is present. It’s extremely important that they get a chance to look for these diseases as they have been linked to numerous problems. Cavities, gingivitis, halitosis, and tooth decay are all possibilities with gum disease.

The more serious periodontal disease has been liked to chronic headaches and neck soreness. It has also been shown to cause increases in blood pressure and possibly even heart disease. A lack of oral hygiene can also be a contributing factor to the development of oral cancer. So it is extremely important that you let your dentists examine your mouth at least once a year.

dental-examDuring this standard practice, we will gently scrape your teeth and guns, probing the areas around each tooth at the gum line. We will be determining the natural form of the “pocket shaped” location for the embed of each individual tooth. We will be looking for early signs of periodontal disease which might include a pocket deeper than 3 mm or perhaps bleeding of the gums. If the hygienist has any concerns, he or she will ask your dentist for a closer examination, upon which they might recommend further treatment.

Routine dental cleanings can not only detect possible diseases and infections, but they can also help you prevent them from every happening. During the visit, dentists can often see the warning signs of oncoming problems. They will use this knowledge to educate you and help you in preventing any further damage from happening, while restoring any damage that may have occurred.

Dental cleanings are very routine and usually come with a minimum of discomfort. But if you feel any pain or discomfort, it’s important to let your doctor or hygienist know immediately as that may be the sign of a cavity or some other problem. But we are known for our caring and sensitive touch and will do everything we can to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.