fillingsIt is not uncommon to develop a cavity or a cracked tooth that might lead to tooth decay. When this occurs, it is necessary to remove the damaged area from the tooth to stop further possible decay that might lead to a potential tooth extraction in the future. Once the decay is removed, our dentists will repair the tooth with a sturdy, composite filling.

The days of gold and silver fillings have been surpassed with the latest in dental technical advancements of this new white composite material. Although these silver and gold fillings were the standard for over 100 years, we have sometimes found them to be enhanced with mercury, which can be harmful if swallowed accidentally.

The white composite fillings provided by our dentists are much safer while also providing a more natural appearance. We can easily modify the color to match the specific individual color of your existing tooth, making the fillings completely unnoticeable to the naked eye. Composite fillings are also much stronger and durable that the older style of silver fillings.

Another side benefit to the composite method is that the tooth itself does not need to be drilled as deeply, but you will need a dental healthcare professional that has the knowledge and expertise of the composite fillings process to achieve the best results in appearance and to prevent future dental decay.

A dentist will do this by applying a special sodium rinsing solution or an anti-bacterial agent to the affected area. The damaged tooth will be isolated with the use of a rubber dam and a strong clamp that is not uncomfortable to the patient. This will keep the individual tooth dry, which is needed in order for the special composite filling process to take place.

smiling-patientsOur gentle touch dentists will then apply a dental bonding agent while applying the composite filling. This filling material will not be applied all at once, but in individual layers to ensure that your bite is always comfortable. Until the final process is complete, we can reshape and reform the composite filling until the fit is perfect within the tooth and your new filling feels completely natural and comfortable.

Once this is achieved, our expert dental professionals will apply a special type of light to the repaired cavity which allows for the composite material to quickly harden and bond to the tooth. This composite filling will even provide further benefits in the maintaining your tooth’s form over time, making sure that it does not fragment in the future.

Ask your dentists if you would like to have your current silver or gold fillings replaced with this latest advancement in dental technology for a more natural appearance of composite fillings!